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1. Aspire Tower - The Skyscraper Center

Nina Tower 1 in Hong Kong, at 319 meters high, leads the list of the ten tallest buildings completed in 2006. The Sports City Tower/Aspire Tower (Doha, United Arab Emirates) at 300 meters, and Eureka Tower (Melbourne, Australia), at 296 meters, were second and third, respectively. 28 November 2018.

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2. Aspire Tower Doha - Tallest Building in Qatar - Travel ...

Aspire Tower Doha Aspire Tower is a Landmark of Doha. Aspire tower was a landmark for Asian games of 2006, which were hosted in Qatar. The Torch Doha Height. The Torch Tower is the tallest building in Doha (as of September 2015 when this blog was written) with a height of 300 meters (980 feet) and comprises of 52 stories.

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3. Aspire Tower - Wikipedia

Aspire Tower, also known as The Torch Doha, is a 300-metre-tall (980 ft) skyscraper hotel located in the Aspire Zone complex in Doha, Qatar. Designed by architect Hadi Simaan and AREP and engineer Ove Arup and Partners, the tower served as the focal point for the 15th Asian Games hosted by Qatar in December 2006.
The tower is currently the tallest structure and buildingin Doha and Qatar, but it will b…

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4. Aspire Tower, Qatar - BFG Architecture

Ten years later, Aspire Tower – also known as The Torch Doha – forms the hub of Doha Sports City and remains the tallest structure in Qatar. Among the towers many features are health clubs, a five-star hotel across 17 floors, a three storey sports museum, a revolving restaurant and an observation deck, made possible with advanced, lightweight composite panelling from BFG.

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Aspire Tower - Data, Photos & Plans - WikiArquitectura

7. Aspire Tower - Data, Photos & Plans - WikiArquitectura

The Aspire Tower is the emblem of the Asian Games 2006 in Doha, Qatar. The tower rises 318 meters above sea level, and stands directly next to the sports facilities. Construction began in April 2005. At the top of the tower a flame of 8-10 meters in height burned during the Asian Games, which was later replaced by a laser projector.

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8. Torre de aspiración -

Aspire Tower , también conocida como The Torch Doha , es un hotel rascacielos de 300 metros de altura (980 pies) ubicado en el complejo Aspire Zone en Doha , Qatar . Diseñada por el arquitecto Hadi Simaan y AREP y el ingeniero Ove Arup and Partners, 2 la torre sirvió como punto focal para los XV Juegos Asiáticos organizados por Qatar en diciembre de 2006.

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9. Aspire Tower - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

La Aspire Tower

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10. Aspire Tower - Ficha, Fotos y Planos - WikiArquitectura

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11. Aspire Tower (Qatar) | Schulze Modelos 3D

31/7/2009 · Ubicación: Ciudad Deportiva – Doha – Qatar Descripción: La torre tiene 318 m de altura, ubicado en el complejo de la Ciudad Deportiva en Doha, Qatar. La torre sirvió como punto principal del 15° Juegos de Asia realizados en Qatar en Diciempre del 2006. Actualmente la Torre Aspire es la estructura mas alta en Doha, pero se espera que sea sobrepasado por la Dubai Tower y la Barwa Tower.

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12. Aspire Tower – Wikipedia

Aspire Tower ist der Name des höchsten Wolkenkratzers in Katar.Der Turm in ar-Rayyan westlich der Hauptstadt Doha wurde für die Asienspiele 2006 erbaut, er hat das Design einer olympischen Fackel.Die Höhe beträgt 300 Meter. Der Wolkenkratzer beherbergt u. a. ein 17-stöckiges Hotel mit Restaurant und Museen. Allerdings werden Teile des Gebäudes gar nicht genutzt, sie wurden nur verglast.

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13. Aspire Tower - W.S. Tyler Architectural

Aspire Tower The 318 meter high Aspire Tower is the design landmark of the Asian Games 2006 in Doha, Qatar. Located directly next to the Games Stadia, construction of the 318 meter high tower …

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Aspire Tower stuns with massive video screen. In December 2006, Color Kinetics completed the largest networked lighting system in its history: an 1,087 square meter (11,700 square foot) video screen that wraps around Aspire Tower, the tallest building in Doha, Qatar. The project was completed as the focal point for broadcast coverage of the ...

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15. Aspire Tower, Doha | 286515 | EMPORIS

Aspire Tower is a 36-story skyscraper in Doha, , Qatar. View a detailed profile of the structure 286515 including further data and descriptions in the Emporis database.

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16. QATARS iconic Aspire Tower (or, the luxurious TORCH ...

SUBSCRIBE - Doha (Qatar), views of Aspire Tower. Lets go to Doha, Qatar and lets enjoy fantastic outside views of this spectacul...

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17. Aspire Tower Doha Fotografías e imágenes de stock - Getty ...

Encuentra fotos de stock perfectas e imágenes editoriales de noticias sobre Aspire Tower Doha en Getty Images. Haz tu selección entre imágenes premium sobre Aspire Tower Doha de la más alta calidad.

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18. Aspire Tower, Doha, Qatar - Oasys

14/11/2017 · Aspire Tower, Doha, Qatar. Software Used on this Project. GSA; Project Overview. The centre piece of the 15th Asian Games was the Aspire Tower, shaped to represent a colossal torch, which for the duration of the Games held its symbolic flame within the …

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19. Exercise @ Aspire Tower # short - YouTube

Work out, exercises and biking @ aspire tower doha qatar

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20. Aspire Tower, Doha -

In addition, a 140 tonnes of tuned mass damper gives stability to the structure. - The concrete core has an external diameter of 18 to 13 meters with thick of 2 to 1 meter, and 238 meters high, surmounted by a cone that supports the cauldron. Cantilievers are distributed on clusters, each one up to 11.3 m. from the core independently with no ...

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