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1. UKC Forums - Paramo v Buffalo

28/12/2004 · In reply to Ridge: I believe the Aspira smock is supposed to be warmer than the Velez... but I couldn't work out quite why... On the Paramo site though they do only show the Paramo as suitable for multi-activity, things like climbing, cycling etc... whereas the Aspira is listed as being for mountain sport use... with only 90g difference in weight between them, and the Aspira having more zips etc..

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2. Paramo Mens Aspira Smock - Greengage/Grey

Aspira Smock - Greengage/Grey. The Men's Aspira Smock epitomises Páramo garment philosophy, with a number of unique and truly functional features including a high volume hood and reversed zips. Created through design innovation, exhaustive testing and years of experience, the Men's Aspira Smock offers unequalled ventilation for the serious ...

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3. Gear Review // Paramo Aspira Pro smock – Tinkadventures

07/05/2018 · Gear Review // Paramo Aspira Pro smock I’m currently gear testing for Holme Valley Mountain Rescue, who are currently fundraising for waterproof jackets …

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4. Paramo Aspira Jacket Review | Mud and Routes

09/02/2012 · The Paramo Aspira Jacket, also available as a smock, is Paramo’s premier winter jacket. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts who love to get out there all year …

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5. Paramo Aspira Smock review -

Paramo says:Highest specification waterproof smock for female mountaineers and Outdoor Professionals and for those entering the most extreme environments.Helmet and harness compatible. The Ladies' Aspira Smock has been designed and tested by women. Features to Note: Fixed hood with volume and frontal adjustment (designed to fit over all climbing helmets), and wired visor for …

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6. Paramo Aspira Smock

Paramo Aspira Smock £305.00. This is a vesaltile jacket which is comfortable in just about any environment. It is heavy and warm and not ideal for summer use, so I ended up buying another lighter Event jacket for warmer weather.

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7. Paramo Aspira review -

The Paramo Aspira is a stylishly designed outdoor jacket aimed squarely at the serious outdoorsperson venturing into harsh environments. Warm and waterproof, this smock style jacket has an almost bewildering array of vents and zips to control your internal temperature.

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8. Páramo Clothing | Jackets & Smocks

By providing your email address, you agree to receive information and news from Páramo and sister company Nikwax. You can unsubscribe at any time. We do not share data with third parties without your consent and act in accordance with the UK Data Protection Laws.

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10. Paramo Aspira Smock - Best photographers' vests and ...

09/02/2012 · Paramo Aspira Smock - £290. We tested the ladies' version of the Paramo Aspira Smock, but there's a smock available for men too, costing £300. Both are offered in a range of colours, with our ...

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11. Páramo Clothing | Explore Range

The No.1 easy to use, safe, high performance cleaner for wet weather clothing and equipment. Cleans effectively, reviving breathability and water repellency. TECH WASH. £1.99 - £39.98. BASEWASH TRAVEL GEL. Deodorising gel cleaner and conditioner for synthetic technical underwear and wicking clothing worn next to the skin. BASEWASH TRAVEL GEL.

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12. Paramo Aspira Smock | C~N~Do Scotland News

Mens Paramo Aspira Jacket – Was £295 Now £169. A fully specified mountain jacket, which includes Paramo’s reversed zips and higher volume hood to accommodate the latest in climbing helmets. The Men’s Aspira Jacket offers the same high level of performance as the Men’s Aspira Smock, but in a single-zip design. Av. weight: 841g. Key ...

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13. waterproof - Paramo Online

Paramo Mens Velez Evolution Hybrid Smock - Cumin/Dark Grey/Black. £279.00 Ex Tax: £232.50. Paramo Mens Velez Evolution Hybrid Smock - Moss. £280.00 Ex Tax: £233.33. Paramo Men's Helki Waterproof Jacket - Midnight/Reef. £207.00 ...

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Páramo Ladies Aspira Smock Cerise/ Chilli Pepper X-Large may be the bestseller product not only because of the current trend, but because the quality is sufficient.If you want to see customers reviews of Páramo Ladies Aspira Smock Cerise/ Chilli Pepper X-Large, please go …

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15. Paramo Aspira Jacket Size Advice -

24/02/2011 · I'm looking at getting a Paramo Aspira Jacketbut unfortunatly i'm distance away from the nearest retailer so i'm after advice on sizing as from posts i've read seem to indicate its best to go a size down in the Aspira.I sit somewhere between a small and a medium on Paramo's size charts 38.5 inch chest. Any feedback most appreciated as well asviews on the Jacketvs the Smock Thanks Tom

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16. Paramo Velez or Aspira - Song of the Paddle Forum

15/03/2015 · I know the Aspira is a mountaineering smock but which smock would you feel is more useful for our climate? Also, I've heard that Nikwax lets in water Paramo Velez or Aspira - …

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17. Paramo Aspira -

11/11/2010 · I was out in the driving rain today, warm, snug and VERY dry wearing a Paramo Apira Jacket. I really find it so much lighter and less bulkythan the smock version which I have worn up until now. I am convinced the textiles are different, but know they cant be. Paramo do seem to vary things though: some have 3m piping, others dont...various shades of colours too.

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18. MTM review - Paramo Aspira Salopettes

Paramo has an excellent environmental policy and a friendly customer services department that can deal quickly with returns or repairs. I must confess to now owning two pairs of the Aspira salopettes: one I save for winter mountaineering and an older pair for ghyll scrambling and canoeing. Verdict 10/10.

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19. Paramo or Hardshell for the UK??? - Snowdonia Adventures

20/12/2016 · Paramo vs Hardshell, my personal views. I have been using Paramo clothing since 2003, prior to that I used a Buffalo Smock for many years as my main mid/outer weather protective layer. I have been using an Aspira Smock since 2004 in all weathers found in the UK in summer and in winter, as well as in the Atlas Mountains and Norway in winter.

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20. Paramo Aspira Smock Jacket Size L | eBay

20/06/2021 · Paramo Aspira Smock Jacket, Size Large. Absolutely fantastic jacket, was Paramo's premier winter model at the time of purchase. Multitude of venting options so I've found it works perfectly in Spring/Autumn conditions as well. Extremely durable, recently reproofed with Nikwax so just as waterproof as the day it was bought.

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