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1. aspiration - English-Spanish Dictionary -

He said that his primary aspiration was to serve the church. Dijo que su principal aspiración era servir a la iglesia. aspiration n noun : Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.

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2. Aspiration : Définition simple et facile du dictionnaire

21/10/2020 · Aspiration : définition, synonymes, citations, traduction dans le dictionnaire de la langue française. Définition : Action daspirer...

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3. Aspiration | Definition of Aspiration by Merriam-Webster

Medical Definition of aspiration : a drawing of something in, out, up, or through by or as if by suction: as a : the act of breathing and especially of breathing in

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4. Aspiration - definition of aspiration by The Free Dictionary

aspiration - the act of inhaling; the drawing in of air (or other gases) as in breathing

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5. ASPIRATION | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

aspiration definition: 1. something that you hope to achieve: 2. the noise that is made when air escapes after a plosive…. Learn more.

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6. Aspiration Definition & Meaning |

Aspiration definition, a strong desire, longing, or aim; ambition: intellectual aspirations. See more.

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7. Aspiration | definition of Aspiration by Medical dictionary

A surgical technique for treatment of cataract, requiring a small corneal incision, severance of the lens capsule, fragmentation of the lens material, and removal with a needle. L. aspiratio, fr. aspiro, to breathe on Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012. aspiration.

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8. Définitions : aspiration - Dictionnaire de français Larousse

aspiration. PHONÉTIQUE Souffle dair expiratoire qui accompagne lémission de certaines unités phonétiques.

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ASPIRATION (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan ...


aspiration. Aspiration describes a condition when food or fluids that should go into the stomach go into the lungs instead. Usually when this happens the person will cough in order to clear the food or fluid out of their lungs. However, sometimes the person does not cough at all. This is known as a silent aspiration. Frequent aspiration ...

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12. Aspiration - DocCheck Flexikon

1 Definition. Unter Aspiration versteht man in der Medizin das Ansaugen einer Substanz durch einen Sog, d.h. einen negativen Druck. Auch die unabsichtliche Einatmung von Fremdkörpern oder Flüssigkeiten bei der Atmung wird als Aspiration bezeichnet ( Fremdkörperaspiration ).

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13. Aspiration in injections: should we continue or abandon ...

1/3/2017 · Keywords: Aspiration, injection. Introduction. An injection is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as parenteral administration of medication through a skin puncture via a syringe, while aspiration is defined as the pulling back of the plunger of a syringe (for 5–10 seconds) prior to injecting medicine1–4.

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15. What Is Aspiration? | BetterHelp

An aspiration is a strong hope, dream, or goal. The idea of aspiration has a positive, upward connotation. We aspire to be or to become something that we perceive is better than what or where we currently are. There are many different types of aspirations, such as career, social, and personal.

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16. Pneumonitis and pneumonia after aspiration

27/3/2017 · DEFINITION. Aspiration simply means to draw in or out by means of suction. In patient care, the term aspiration is often used to describe the inflow of material from the oral cavity or upper gastrointestinal tract into the lungs through the larynx.

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17. aspiration - Dictionary of English

ambition: intellectual aspirations. a goal or objective desired: The presidency is the traditional aspiration of young American boys. breath. articulation accompanied by an audible puff of breath, as in the h …

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18. Aspiration definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

20/12/2017 · Aspiration is the breathing or induction process of an engine. Modifications to the intake and exhaust systems help the engines aspiration . Induction, compression, ignition, and exhaust.

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19. Aspiration Meaning | Best 14 Definitions of Aspiration

The definition of an aspiration is a desire or ambition for which someone is motivated to work very hard. An example of an aspiration is to be a famous singer. noun

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20. Aspiration | Definition of aspiration - YouTube

See here, the definitions of the word aspiration, as video and text.(Click show more below.)aspiration (noun) The act of aspiring or ardently desiring; an...

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