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1. Aspire | Definition of Aspire by Merriam-Webster

Examples of aspire in a Sentence. aspire to great deeds, and you have a better chance of doing good deeds a tower aspiring towards the heavens. Recent Examples on the Web Jones didnt aspire to run a major news outlet in her younger days. — Brian Steinberg, Variety, 7 Oct. 2021 Williams, a Los Angeles native, did not aspire to be a coach after ...

2. Tutorial Browser - Aspire | Vectric

Watch our Aspire video tutorials to learn all about using Vectrics CNC software. With every video there are downloadable files to work through the examples. Tutorial Browser - Aspire | Vectric

3. Aspire: In a Sentence – WORDS IN A SENTENCE

Examples of Aspire in a sentence. Even though he claims that he doesnt aspire to greatness, I have never seen anyone work the media the way that he does. People who are born into poverty are not as likely as others to aspire to realizing a better life through higher education. If you aspire to be a physician, youre going to have to be very ...

4. aspire Examples - English Examples | aspire Usages and ...

Examples of aspire in a Sentence; Examples of aspire. It will be proved that a Solarian, supposing him to have a stature equal to our own, would do as much work as seven of our cultivators; and yet the Solarians are the happiest of beings; their lot is the highest degree of happiness to which we can aspire until the epoch when there shall exist stars of a more exalted rank, that are not yet to ...

5. aspire in a sentence | Sentence examples by Cambridge ...

15/9/2021 · Examples of aspire in a sentence, how to use it. 97 examples: Secondly, it presented itself in deliberately (but misleadingly) unassertive… Dictionary Translate

6. How to use aspire in a sentence - WordHippo

Here are some examples. Probably at no period did he aspire after supremacy, or expect to dispossess Cecil. Welshwomen might marry Englishmen, but none of the highborn Cymry might aspire to wed an Englishwoman. The priorate was the highest office to which a citizen could aspire, but by no means the highest in Florence.

7. Aspire In A Sentence | Short Example Sentence For Aspire

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Aspire | Aspire Sentence They aspire only to make the law. Such fools are we when we aspire to be over-wise! There would be nothing too great to aspire to. The filthy would aspire to be something better. To desire is to obtain; to aspire is to, achieve. I aspire ...



Short & Simple Example Sentence For Aspire | Aspire Sentence


Aspire | Definition of Aspire by Merriam-Webster

11. How To Use The Word Aspire Correctly??

13/3/2012 · Examples: But even the most prestigious university can no longer aspire to having departments in every human endeavor . . . . . but it seems sometimes to aspire to becoming a diagnostic handbook . . . . Another related activity is to aspire to filling high-level strategic positions,

12. Free CNC Projects - Vectric

The project features a weaved design created with Aspires powerful Extrude and Weave Tool. Along with learning a great technique for glazing your material, this project is an example of how beneficial two-sided machining is for creating the side panel dado slots on the interior surfaces.

13. Free Projects | Vectric

Aspire. VCarve Pro. VCarve Desktop. Cut2D Pro. Cut2D Desktop. Cut3D. PhotoVCarve. Free Trial Projects. Laser Module.


As one example, the strategies invoked by young children are quite different from the strategies invoked by aspiring mates and doting grandparents. From the Cambridge English Corpus. See all examples of aspire. These examples …

15. Aspire Circle example - YouTube

Aspire Circle example - YouTube. This video gives a basic intro with Aspire. It demonstrates setup and toopathing a basic circle. This video gives a basic intro with Aspire.

16. Aspire Tutorial 1 - YouTube

Aspire Tutorial 1 - YouTube. Aspire Tutorial 1. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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For example, a Level 7 will earn 700 points. Points are available in the Aspire account the day after an order is invoiced. Aspire points can be used for a variety of services and supplies through the Aspire Catalog. Check out whats new in the Aspire Catalog, as new items are added regularly. You can use Aspire points for:

18. Aspire Early Admissions Program, Study with us, La Trobe ...

The early conditional offer ... meant less pressure, less weight on my shoulders. Aspire was like a golden pathway for me getting into my dream course. Mohammad. Aspire student, Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Laws. I remember the day that I received my Aspire early conditional offer. I was over the moon and so excited ...

19. Aspire definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

20/12/2017 · 1. (usually fol. by to, after, or an infinitive) to long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, esp. for something great or of high value. to aspire after literary immortality. to aspire to be a doctor. 2. archaic. to rise up; soar; mount; tower. Most material © 2005, 1997, 1991 by …

20. aspire - English-Spanish Dictionary -

aspire to do sth v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, put their heads together, come to an end. (aim to do sth) aspirar a vtr + prep : I aspire to master at least one foreign language. Aspiro a dominar al menos un idioma extranjero.

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